Finding long term solutions - Margrethe Overn

Margrethe is an account manager, who has been at Symetri for four years. A normal day entails anything from coffee with colleagues at our Oslo office in Norway, to figuring out customer needs and finding the right solutions for them.

Solving problems - Tim Ray

Tim Ray is the Product Manager for Sovelia and has worked at Symetri for 20 years. His days start and end with problem-solving, and everything that goes with it. Luckily, that’s exactly how he likes it.

Free Access to Pinnacle Lite for Naviate Users

We are committed to supporting you and your business as you adjust to the current situation. One challenge that many of our customers share is the need to have timely access to colleagues, experts and in other ways solve issues or questions on how to handle tools and software. The need for continuous training and support is becoming an even more important factor to stay competitive.

COVID-19 INFORMATION: Vi stöttar din verksamhet

Det står nu klart att vi alla; samhällen, familjer, företag och organisationer påverkas av coronaviruset (COVID-19) och vi står inför svåra val. Vår prioritet på Symetri är att värna om våra kunders och anställdas hälsa och välmående och vi kommer göra allt vi kan för att stötta dig och ditt företags olika behov i dessa osäkra tider.

Symetri joins forces with Excitech

Symetri joins forces with Excitech to increase its expertise and ability to deliver leading edge technology and services to the construction and manufacturing sectors

Sovelia PLM 19.3 released!

As a direct result of customer feedback new features improving the usage of HTML interface and Sovelia server functionality are included in the latest release of Sovelia PLM.

Tips and Tricks: Naviate Power & Process for Plant 3D

In order to get you up and going as fast as possible Symetri provides Autodesk Plant 3D together with the add-on solution, NAVIATE Power & Process that includes local industry symbol standards and pipe specs. We have made some Tips & Tricks videos around these solutions, so you can see how to work smarter in the Power & Process industry.